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WebCT news for Summer 2009 semester

SFU Course Tools: add instructors, TAs or change access dates.
The WebCT administrators at Simon Fraser University recently added a new proxy tool called “SFU Course Tools”. Add this tool to your WebCT course container, and you can add and remove members (Primary Instructors, Instructors, Designers, Teaching Assistants and Auditors), and modify the start and end date restriction. By default, students are able to access your WebCT course container on the first day of the new semester until the day before the start of the next semester.


Uploading and organizing content
Content doesn’t mean just your PowerPoint slides – you can choose to shelve the slides, and instead add lecture notes or outlines, images and graphs to illustrate key concepts, content from external websites using links or RSS feeds, and encourage students to upload their own diagrams, research or questions.

For more information on the tools available, browse some of the resources here: https://wiki.sfu.ca/webct/index.php/Load_and_display_content

Quizzes and Surveys
Create short quizzes to test student comprehension, encourage critical thinking, or self-assessment. Some of the benefits that quizzes can offer are automatic grades and mark release, ungraded self-tests, selective release of materials, and repeat quizzing for mastery learning.

For more information on creating, viewing and marking assessments, browse the resources available here: https://wiki.sfu.ca/webct/index.php/Quizzes%2C_self-tests_and_surveys

Request new WebCT course container
Use the course request form found at: http://webct.sfu.ca The course request form has options to add your Teaching Assistants, copy the course content from a previous WebCT course, and modify the dates that students will be able to access WebCT (by default, students have access from the first day of the semester to the last). It will take one to two working days for your course container to appear in WebCT.

Face to face workshops and consultations for Instructors

* Upcoming workshops, drop-ins and information sessions http://www.lidc.sfu.ca/whatsup/calendar/
* If you have any questions, or would like to schedule a one on one consultation, please sign up here.

Online and individual resources for Instructors and Students

* Troubleshooting hints for instructors and students: http://toolkit.sfu.ca/webct/browser/
* Student help: http://wiki.sfu.ca/webct/index.php/Student_FAQ
* Online tutorials, pdf downloads and quick answers for faculty, instructors and teaching assistants: http://wiki.sfu.ca/webct/

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