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Recipients of 2009 Excellence in Teaching Award

Monday, May 10th, 2010

Congratulations to the 2009 recipients of the SFU Excellence in Teaching Award:

To find out how these exemplary teachers motivate students to love loathed subjects and learn in difficult circumstances, read the SFU News.

Profile of David Zandvliet and his approach to teaching environmental education and sustainability

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Dr. David Zandvliet, Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, and his approach to teaching environmental education are profiled in a recent SFU press release.

Zandvliet’s environmental education course offers a variety of interesting learning activities:

Students in the unique course will address environmental subjects including land-use issues in Burns Bog and the landfill, the Iona waste-water treatment plant, drinking water at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and management of Lynn Canyon Park. At the Port of Vancouver, students will analyze the city as a living organism. They will shadow and evaluate learning programs for schools conducted there and will also co-lead school programs with Metro Vancouver staff.

This course is an excellent example of local, community-based service learning because the course is a collaboration between SFU and Metro Vancouver, and learners will collaborate with community partners to offer and evaluate educational programs for local schools.

Peter Liljedahl

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Dr. Peter Liljedahl received the 2009 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

It’s a pretty tough audience, he says, since most of these students have very negative views of mathematics. Still, it’s a challenge he relishes. His teaching approach is to set students accessible tasks that encourage them to explore and discover mathematical concepts.

“I try to give students who are very resistant to mathematics an experience that is other than what they’ve had so that they can find in themselves their inner mathematician,” he says. “I love changing minds more than anything else.”

Email: liljedahl@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/profiles/?page_id=195

Stuart Richmond

Sunday, January 1st, 2006

Dr. Stuart Richmond received the 2006 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

An accomplished photographer who exhibits regularly, Stuart expertly combines his own artistic sensibilities with art and education theory and manages to impart to his students a combination of motivation, creativity and a desire to challenge themselves.

Email: stuart_richmond@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/news/stuart_richmond.html



Heesoon Bai

Wednesday, January 1st, 2003

Dr. Heesoon BaiDr. Heesoon Bai received the 2003 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Heesoon Bai’s description of teaching makes it easy to understand why she loves her chosen career, and why she inspires her students with her enthusiasm for it.
“My general approach to teaching is invitational and communal,” says Bai, an associate professor of educational philosophy.  “I spread before them a feast of knowledge and discourse, and invite them to partake in it in each other’s convivial and thought-provoking company.”

Email: heesoon_bai@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: http://cgi.sfu.ca/~educwww/cgi-bin/directory.php?id=33


Allan MacKinnon

Saturday, January 1st, 1994

Dr. Allan MacKinnon received the 1994 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

My scholarly interests focus on the nature and role of practical experience in learning to teach, science education, the use of interactive television in teacher education, and, more recently, international development and science education reform at the tertiary level in South East Asia.

Email: allan_mackinnon@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/fri/mackinnon/default_files/mackinnon.pdf


Michael Manley-Casimir

Friday, January 1st, 1993

Dr. Michael Manley-CasimirDr. Michael Manley-Casimir received the 1993 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Email: michael.manley-casimir@brocku.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: N/A

Norman Robinson

Friday, January 1st, 1988

Dr. Norman Robinson received the 1988 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Email: normanrobinson@shaw.ca

Faculty of Education

Selma Wassermann

Friday, January 1st, 1988

Dr. Selma WassermannDr. Selma Wassermann received the 1988 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Recruited to the Faculty of Education in 1966 to help build the Professional Development Program, my work in the faculty and in the profession for the last 40 years has been concentrated in teacher education – specifically helping new and practicing teachers to develop the skills necessary to enable student learning in the most  rich and creative learning environments.

Since leaving SFU, I have been involved in creating multi-media curriculum materials for elementary and secondary grades, consulting, writing, and creating distance education materials for the faculty of education.

Email: selma_wassermann@sfu.ca

Faculty of Education

Link: http://www.educ.sfu.ca/case/selma1.html

Leone Prock

Saturday, January 1st, 1983

Dr. Leone M. Prock received the 1983 SFU Excellence in Teaching Award.

Faculty of Education