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Dim Dim

Tuesday, March 10th, 2009

Awhile back, Richard Smith demoed his use of DimDim for Teaching. I have been trying to track down his recording of it as it makes a great example of how this broadcast technology can enhance the classroom experience for students.

I usually “stream” my lectures to the Internet while I am teaching. Today I’ll be doing a demo up at SFU to show how I am doing that these days.


See the recording of his presentation here.

We have been using DImDim on another project in the LIDC, and capitalizing on its easy integration with Moodle. You can view the development site here. I’m not sure how it all works under the hood, (there is a handy integration guide available for those wishing to try it out) Basically, it lets you create a DimDim meeting as an activity in a course. It handles placement in the calendar and upcoming events blocks, and porvides an interface form launching the meeting right from your moodle course page. Im not sure it is a total replacement for the universities eLive services, but for free, its pretty useful.