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SFU Library Feedback

Archive for the 'Loans & fines' Category

SFU alumni access to Library Services

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

Q: Hello, I am an SFU alumnus (completed my degree in 2005) and I am interested in using services and online databases from SFU’s library. I believe that I still have my student card, but I am wondering what else I need or need to do in order to use these services? Also, if I am interested in doing any research from home, I am unclear as to whether I would have access to databases such as JSTOR or Academic Search Premier, or whether I would need to access these databases on campus?
Thank you for your assistance.

A: Thank you for your interests in the library services. One of the Alumni privileges is the use of Library resources and services. Alumni can access almost all electronic resources (this includes JSTOR and Academic Search Premier) if they are on campus using a computer at one of the campus libraries: Bennett, Belzberg or Surrey. Off-campus access for alumni is available only for those resources listed at: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/my-library/services-for-you/alumni#electronic.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any questions.

Elaine Shu, Serials Specialist, Simon Fraser University Library (www.lib.sfu.ca)

SFU Alumni Library Access

Friday, January 2nd, 2015

Q: Will I be able to access the library, both printed books and online journals?
I am an alumnus, student number****, and am researching the response of world war 1 military to new technology. I live in Kelowna BC and am a member of Okanagan Regional Library.

A: Unfortunately I cannot find a patron record for you in our system. I will contact the SFU alumni association to confirm your status and then get back to you.
Once you have an alumni patron record you do have the ability to borrow books at the SFU library. You also have some limited remote access to electronic material, unfortunately this would not include e-books (you could access all electronic material including e-books from a workstation in one of our libraries, though considering the fact that you live in Kelowna that might not be of much use to you )
Below is a link to what resources are available to SFU alumni


take care

Library Loans
W.A.C. Bennett Library, Simon Fraser University

Automated Book Deposit

Thursday, November 13th, 2014

Q: Hello, I have not been regularly checking my SFU email as I am not in classes this semester but I just saw notifications of an overdue book. The problem is that I returned the book to the WAC Bennett library at the end of my course. I used the automated book deposit at the front entrance of the library but being unfamiliar with the system, I accidentally returned the book incorrectly. When I returned the book I received an error message which read that the book was not properly checked in but would be manually checked in once it came off the conveyor belt. I thought no more about it because I trusted that that would happen. I see now that that wasn’t the case and I am wondering how I should proceed now. Any assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

A: That is how the automated book deposit works. Any books it can’t check in are put in an end bin where they are checked in by staff every hour or so. I am not sure what happened to your book. I checked the stacks and it is not on the shelf. Please check again to see if you still have it (possibly you returned another book instead?) and I will begin further search procedures here. The book has been marked as ‘claimed returned’ and if we find it we will remove it and any associated fines from your library record. While we are searching, there is an appeal bypass on your library record so that you can continue to check out books.

Chuk Goodin (cgoodin@sfu.ca)
Library Loans Supervisor

Returning Books

Wednesday, November 5th, 2014

Q: If I borrowed books from the Burnaby Campus, can I return them to the Surrey Campus? Thank you!

A: Yes you can return books to any campus so long as they are not Reserves. Only Reserve books need to be returned to the campus library from which they were borrowed.
take care

Library Loans

Why am I not receiving email notification when my requested book arrives?

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

Q: Why does my requested books arrive, but I don’t receive any email from the library to tell me to pick it up.

A: Hello. I see that we have been investigating this situation. It looks as though we already have your correct email address in your library record. Have you checked to see if the library emails are going to a spam or junk mail folder?

Chuk Goodin (cgoodin@sfu.ca)
Library Loans Supervisor

SFU Library’s overdue policies

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Q: would like to know why SFU Library’s overdue policies are so stringent in comparison to other universities in BC. At SFU, library borrowing privileges are suspended if the fine exceeds $5. At UBC, the limit is $50, and UVIC is $20. Canada’s largest academic library system, University of Toronto, has a $25 limit. UBC’s and U of T’s demand for library services far exceeds that of SFU, yet they have a more generous policy.

I am a graduate student in a humanities-related field, and thus, need to borrow many books. I had 21 books due midnight on Sep.12, but I missed the renewal deadline by 3 MINUTES (I have a screenshot to prove this). Now I have $21.00 in fines and can’t borrow anything. Food for Fines usually happens in late November, but I cannot wait that long and need to borrow books before then. SFU should consider changing its suspension policy and raise the fine limit to at least $20-25. This is the standard across institutions in BC and Canada.

I hope you will seriously consider this request. Thank you for your time and attention.

A: Scott Mackenzie, Head of Access Services, will get in touch with you about your specific circumstances. It has been some time since we established the $5 fine cut off limit and we will review the policy.

Thanks for the suggestion.


Reserve items from Surrey to Bennett?

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014
Q: Would it be possible to bring the reserve items at surrey library to Bennett library? The reason for asking is because the course BISC 202, is only offered at Burnaby campus this term and there is currently no reserve copies available at Bennett library. Also, if there more copies available, more students can utilize them. Thanks.
Which library?  W.A.C.Bennett (SFU Burnaby)

A: Is this the book to which you are referring?

Introduction to genetic analysis / Anthony J.F. Griffiths … [et al.]. http://troy.lib.sfu.ca/record=b5715074~S1a

If so there are actually 3 copies available at Bennett, one of which is on Reserve (2 other copies are lost). If you think having the stack copies also placed on reserve makes sense then please talk to the Instructor as Reserve requests must be made by the instructor of the course

Take care,
Scott Mackenzie
Head, Loans

Can I return books from VPL or BPL at SFU library ?

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014
Your question or comment: Can I return books from Vancouver Public Library or Burnaby Public Library at your library ?  Will they be transported back to the public libraries ?
Which library?  W.A.C.Bennett (SFU Burnaby)

A: Yes you can drop them off here but they will take between one and two weeks to get back to their home library. They will not be checked in until they get back home so if they are close to their due date it might not be a good idea.

Scott Mackenzie
Head, Access Services

Reserve Book Loan

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2014
Hi there, I took out a reserve book on Friday that had a 24 hour loan period. I planned on having it with me for the weekend and renewing to avoid fines. However  today I had to go out of town and could not renew the book and I now have a fine of $5.00. I am not complaining about the fine, as I understand that is to make sure that students return the book on time, however I would appreciate it if the book can be renewed until Monday as I originally planned to do. I cannot come to Burnaby on Sunday because I live far from Burnaby and coming to Burnaby would take up a lot of my day.

Thank you
Which library?  Bennett (SFU Burnaby Mountain)

A: It appears this was already dealt with by Loans staff on the weekend. In cases like this it is probably best to call the Circulation desk  778-782-4345, which I guess you did in the end
take care
Head, Access Services

Can Alumni Borrow Laptops?

Friday, February 28th, 2014
Q: I’m a recent SFU alumnus who’s going to be attending a club event at Harbour Centre on Saturday. I’ve been requested to bring a laptop, and with mine on the fritz was wondering if my alumni status still lets me borrow laptops from the library for on-campus use.

I checked the services pages, and did not find an answer. The alumni services page does not list laptop borrowing under either the permitted or ineligible lists. The external/individual borrowers page states they may not borrow laptops because they are not alumni/students/faculty/staff.
Which library?  Belzberg (SFU Vancouver)

A: Thanks very much for getting in touch.  You’re right that the policy is not very clear from the library website.  Unfortunately because of the very high demand for laptops, they may only be borrowed by students, faculty and staff.  Alumni may not borrow laptops.  There is an FAQ at: http://www.lib.sfu.ca/faqs/does-the-belzberg-library-loan-out-laptops which lists who may borrow laptops at Belzberg Library, but we will also add this information to the Services for Alumni page.  Thanks very much for pointing out the gap on our website.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Karen Marotz
Head, Belzberg Library
Simon Fraser University