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Tasty tips and tidbits about the writing life from the students, alumni, staff, and instructors of The Writer's Studio.

Southbank Writers’ Program: the Countdown is On!

In addition to our usual Writers’ Tips, we are also now featuring posts by guest editor Claire De Boer. Claire will talk about a new creative writing course called Southbank Writers’ Program. This SFU summer course will begin at the end of May and continue throughout the summer in Surrey, BC. We look forward to hearing all about it from Claire, who is a 2011 TWS alumni.


By Claire De Boer

I’m excited about this summer. Firstly because the sun will come out at some point—I hope—and secondly because I will take my first steps into the world of mentoring through a new SFU creative writing course called Southbank Writers’ Program.

One of my long-term goals on my writing journey is to teach others how to find and develop their unique voice. I have been blessed with several mentors so far and I know the value of having someone help you to grow your writing.

As a mentor for Southbank I’ll be providing feedback to students with suggestions for how they might further develop particular pieces of work. And as someone who loves to talk about writing, that’s pretty exciting.

Writing for me is about growing together in community and I know that SFU has this core value at the heart of its creative writing programs. I was therefore only too willing to help the Director of the Writing and Publishing Program devise the kind of course that I would have wanted to take when I started out as a writer.

The Southbank Writers’ Program is unique in that it was built by writers for writers. How often does that happen? Something I felt was really important to writers still developing their style was to define their genre. Do they want to write fiction, non-fiction, blogs, poetry…all of the above? I think if writers aren’t exposed to the various ways of expressing themselves through writing, it’s harder to find their niche.

It’s all about Conversation

I’m not one for sitting back and being lectured to. I learn through conversation and expressing ideas. The teaching format for Southbank is all about conversation and helping writers have more confidence in their work through sharing their thoughts and reading their prose aloud.

We’ll also hear from recently published authors about how they navigated their way through the ever-changing world of self and print publishing, something I definitely want to hear more about.

Yes, it’s going to be a great summer of writing, with or without the sun.

Find out more about the Southbank Writers’ Program.


Claire De Boer is a fiction writer and graduate of both The Writer’s Studio and the London School of Journalism. She is the Wellness Editor and regular contributor for SheLoves Magazine and also provides professional writing services. Visit Claire J De Boer to learn more.

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